Bill Hinchberger 
December 1996 


From: Hinchberger, Bill. “XXIII Bienal International de São Paulo,” ARTnews, Dec. New York, United States, 1996. p. 128.


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XXIII Bienal Internacional de São Paulo

Bill Hinchberger


In a year when intensified fund-raising provided cash to finance greater curtatorial control for this biennial, Latin America made a stronger showing than in earlier ediitons, offerting the best work from this part of the world to appear here in recent memory. There is the deeply affecting performance and installtion work by Cuban Tania Bruguera, who straps herself to the wall with strips of metal--vistiors, as they pass by on thier way to her installation, can see her wrists almost imperceptibly trembling. 




Translated for the website by Ernesto Alvarez Valdivia